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Provide innovative business and technology service that deliver measurable results.

Successfully meet Business and IT Challenges.

A leading Consulting and IT Services Company offering a wide range of solutions for key verticals and horizontals. 

Continuous improvement through constant innovation. 

Coming up with innovattiveideas and transforming them into solutions. 

When exact solutions are the need, right fit makes all the difference. 

Seamless approach to the business and technology srevices.



Extending solutions that connect businesses to their employees, customers and business partners to enable high performance and efficiency

Our customized IT solutions and specialized IT services are designed to complement our customer's business solutions. Alaoka gives you both speed and customization. Our accelerators are rigorously tested technology components with specific functionality that can be the building blocks for solutions that address specific business problems.

With our deep enterprise solutions capabilities our professionals can help in designing, building and managing the innovative solutions that enable high performance. At Alaoka, we are committed to helping you achieve enterprise-wide benefits and seize new opportunities for growth. We take enterprise solutions to a new level, focusing on the performance of the whole enterprise.

We have excellent technology presence in both mainstream and legacy technologies which coupled with well-defined and mature processes deliver, innovate technical solutions to our clients.
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